MU became the championship candidate next season

 Only 2 points more than the Premier League relegation group, MU was officially considered by the media as one of the championship candidates next season.

Right now it seems that things can’t get worse at Old Trafford, MU is sinking into one of their darkest times in the English Premier era. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was once considered the revolutionary MU needed as a temporary coach, but things have changed since he became the official coach.

Man United have only had 4 wins in the Premier League since March: 2 wins 2-1 against West Ham and Watford, 1 close win 1-0 against Leicester and the extraordinary sublimation of defeating Chelsea 4 -0. The rest, MU struggled in draws with Wolves, Arsenal and Southampton and lost to Crystal Palace, West Ham and Newcastle.

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That’s why ESPN has included Manchester United in the Premier League relegation list. MU is only 2 points higher than the group holding the red light when losing 3 of their opening 8 matches.

ESPN’s list has three clubs at the bottom of the Premier League, Watford, Norwich and Everton, while Brighton, Sheffield United, Newcastle, Southampton, Aston Villa, Bournemouth and Manchester United are also included in the bright candidate list.

ESPN expert Alejandro Moreno said: “They are all in a relegation battle, including MU. Yes, we have just gone through eight matches from the start of the season, but with what we’ve seen from these teams, now from the beginning, there are reasons to worry for all of them, including Manchester United”.

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The last time MU had to be relegated, not playing in the highest league in England was in 1974. And Sam Allardyce, who has a reputation as a specialist in rescuing clubs from relegation, believes it is possible Man United will play in the Championship next season and if that happens, surely MU is a strong candidate for the championship and won the right to return directly to the Premier League.