Recently Cardiff City has announced that it will not pay the £15 million transfer fee to Nantes in a bid for the striker Emiliano Sala, who died of an accident.

The bad Argentine striker was killed in a catastrophic plane crash not long ago in early 2019. Although he was also lost, the side of the team Sala was Cardiff who still had a duty to pay in full 15 million pound as previously agreed with French club Nantes.


However, the two sides are still troubled and there are disputes about the paperwork in registration so Sala becomes an unfinished Cardiff man. Nantes sent a complaining letter to FIFA in search of help, however, Cardiff in a recent statement confirmed that Sala’s documents are ineffective and useless, so the Wales team will not pay the number £15 million.

According to Cardiff’s interpretation, there are registration paper problems of the 29-year-old striker Sala with the Premier League and in addition there are some terms that the two teams have not completed so it is impossible to calculate Sala as is the official player of Cardiff.


Cardiff spokesman said that Nantes himself had asked the two parties to agree on all the terms before Sala was officially a player of the team, if not 100% of the terms, it would be considered contract is meaningless.

Based on this information, Cardiff refused to pay and the two sides were unable to pass everything before the Sala died officially on January 21, 2019. Also following Cardiff, Sala was rejected by the Premier League. to be a valid player of the tournament.


Nantes denies all of the above and insists that they have completed all necessary procedures for Sala to be Cardiff’s man. If Sala has a problem with valid registration in the Premier League, it is Cardiff’s fault. Cardiff has a deadline from here until April 3 to respond to FIFA and Nantes.