Currently, the Top 4 Premier League teams have played in a number of matches, and Tottenham are taking the pole with 67 points. Right behind them are Arsenal and Chelsea (66 points). MU (64 points) is the most disadvantageous team, after the 0-4 disaster at Goodison Park.

Huge disadvantage for MU

Goodison Park Sunday night is undoubtedly the most unforgettable match in the career of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer when his MU played extremely weak and collapsed to 0-4 against home team Everton. Perhaps, bagging the two Big Bang matches with Man City (April 25) and Chelsea (April 28) must be victories to improve the rankings as well as refresh the morale of the players, but in the end, it was a failure.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Top 4 Premier League

The truth is that after the feat in Paris when upstream of PSG in round 1/8 of the Champions League, MU has slipped without braking: they lost 6/8 matches in all competitions. The Champions League dream is over, and the Top 4 goal is now harder than ever. The Red Devils are not only disadvantaged in terms of scores but also face a brawny schedule, with two great battles this week. Man City are entering the derby with great excitement and are determined to win 3 points to continue the championship race with Liverpool. Meanwhile, Chelsea is a direct competitor to MU, and their midfield display on April 28 is considered a 6 points match.

Based on the pale performances, the previous students’ lack of vitality, the chances of them being white in both great battles were completely possible. It will not be surprising if the end of April, the official Red Devils are desperate and in peace with the Europa League ticket next season.

Arsenal are throwing away their advantages

Starting in April with a soft 2-0 win over Newcastle, Arsenal fans raved their hands over the prospect of Top 4 in Unai Emery’s first season at the Emirates. At that time, they also ranked 4th as they are now, but the lesser of the competition is Tottenham and Chelsea 1 match, and the schedule for the rest of the season is considered quite gentle. Meanwhile, competitors compete in turn against competitors who are competing against the champions.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Top 4 Premier League

Perhaps, the fact that Chelsea collapsed at Anfield (0-2) or Tottenham’s white at Etihad (0-1) should be an opportunity for the Gunners to break up. But Unai Emery’s army threw away those opportunities by losing two thirds of the last round, against Everton (0-1) and Crystal Palace (2-3). An indescribable but familiar fear of resurgence, when the concept is easy – difficult in the remaining matches of the season also becomes more ambiguous with The Gunners.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Top 4 Premier League

Although he lost to Man City 2 consecutive games, but basically, Tottenham has overcome the Tourmalet stage in the past two weeks, with the victory of Pep’s team from the Champions League and still holds the 3rd position. with the advantage of score in the Top 4 race. Spurs are proving that they are still trying to live well in the absence of Harry Kane, and the gentle schedule ahead is a great opportunity for them to hold their place in the Top. 4. Now, they are the most relaxed team in the race to win tickets to the Champions League next season.