Football in America is more than just a sport. It enjoys a massive following which makes it look like a religion to many. If you are new to this sport, this piece shares some exciting facts American football.

Emergency Drafts

Owing to the large following that football commands, league organizers see to it that the league is not interrupted in any way even under extreme circumstances. An Emergency draft is a provision meant to help teams reconstitute. A team is only allowed to make an emergency draft when more than 15 players are on the casualty list.

Field Orientation

There is something particularly interesting about the orientation of NFL fields. This is has nothing to do about the design of the structures. Did you know that all NFL football fields are constructed facing the North-South direction? This design serves to reduce the distraction caused by the sun, considering any mistake can lead to disastrous injuries.

No Taunting

Professional players are not expected to provoke their opponents. If by any chance they have to do, they need to make sure they do not get too far. One thing to note about verbal taunting is that the officials can call it or award a penalty. There is also no room for celebratory spiking or spinning the ball at an opponent, which attracts a 15-yard penalty.

It’s a Tech-Sport

Do you know that quarterbacks can have radios? They are allowed to have them in their helmets to help them stay in touch with the coaches during the game. Besides having a radio, their helmets can be fitted with sensors to measure the force of an impact to prevent serious injuries.

Even if you are a hardcore football fan, there will always be a few things you might not know about this sport. Thus, make serious efforts to keep learning something new often about this game.