Upamecano – the giant of Leipzig and the PSG test

Diego Simeone’s Atletico is always known for its defensive kick, a bronze walled defense with a world-class goalkeeper. But in the quarter-final against RB Leipzig, the best defensive player did not play for Spain but Dayot Upamecano.

The 21-year-old midfielder is the most prominent player on the field. And he has made a big contribution to the new team’s Champions League semi-final record.

On the Bundesliga homepage, Upamecano has been expected to be the “number one young midfielder in the world” since two years ago. He is described as having the composure of an older footballer.

After the championship, he moved to Austria to cover RB Salzburg and played 23 matches. This young talent confided: “I learned almost everything in Salzburg. I have grown, learned to move forward, to move better. Personally, I used to be a shy guy and my new journey also helped me grow up. Leaving France was the right decision and I didn’t want to go to a too big club.”

Upamecano’s excellence is not natural. He joined the local team and was led by Romaric Hultel. After his official practice hours, he gets ready to stay, practice control of the ball, increase his speed and improve the technical aspects. That’s why he overcame the lack of the original.

The midfielder is not only fast and strong, but also regularly raises the lime line in the middle of the field to distribute the ball. There were even many times passing the ball through the opponent’s midfield before making a pass.

Many former players who watched the match above all expressed a special interest in Upamecano. In front of a famous striker with a trick and powerful play like Costa, Upamecano is still as solid as a stone table.

He did not give the Spanish striker the opportunity to block crosses and overwhelm in terms of strength. This is no stranger to those who have faced Upamecano.