In addition to disadvantage in style and spirit, M.U also suffered a history of turning back in the upcoming two life-and-death confrontations with Barca.

The lucky draw has brought M.U to encounter Barca in the Champions League quarterfinals 2018/19. According to the initial lottery results, the first leg will take place at the Nou Camp and M.U stadium to be kicked home. But due to Man City, the UEFA rankings are higher, and also got a home kick in the first two encounters against Tottenham, so M.U was forced to kick the first leg at Old Trafford.

It may be a disadvantage for the team of coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer because history is showing that the teams that are on the home turf often have tickets. Since the Champions League applied the current format in the 2003/04 season, 62% of the winners in the quarterfinals have had their first home away from home.

Lịch sử đang chống lại M.U tại vòng tứ kết với Barca

Man United once had 3/4 times to pass the quarterfinals when they were sent home on home turf. It was in the 2006/07 season (losing to Roma 1-2 times to away field and winning 7-1 in home field), the 2007/08 season (winning Roma 2-0 in away field and winning 1-0 in home field), the season 2010/11 (1-0 win over Chelsea away field and 2-1 win on home goal).

The only time they could not make it through the quarterfinals despite playing the return leg at home was the 2009/10 season. That season, M.U lost to Bayern 1-2 in the first leg on the opponent’s field and could only win 3-2 in the return leg at home. The away goal law gave the ticket to Lobster Gray.

M.U vừa đánh bại PSG tại vòng 1/8 dù phải thi đấu trận lượt về trên sân đối thủ

The Reds also once won tickets to the semifinals, although they had to play the first leg at home. It was the 2008/09 season. They were held 2-2 by Porto at home in the first leg but could still win 1-0 on the opponent’s field in the second leg. This year, M.U has just surpassed PSG after 2 matches despite losing 0-2 away games at home thanks to an unbelievable 3-1 victory on the opponent’s field in the second leg.

Sadly for United, Barca have a formidable record in the quarterfinals when they are playing the return leg on the Nou Camp. The Catalans have won tickets to the semifinals of 6/7 seasons, but they have been kicked back home. Failure against Juventus in 2016/17 season (losing 0-3 turns on away field and 0-0 draw on home goal) is the only time Barca cannot take advantage of the advantage.