American football, popularly known as football in the US, is a unique sport. This game is all about gaining ground in the opponent’s territory and scoring points. Thus, every time two teams get into the football pitch, each time will fight to win some ground ahead of it. Gaining ground improves their chances of scoring a touchdown or point.

Game Play

A football game starts by tossing a coin that determines which team receives opening kick in american football. After a successful kick, the two sides have to battle for possession of the ball. Possessing the ball is the only way a team can score points.

Gaining Possession

A team can take possession in several ways. Here are five main ways in which a team can gain possession:

  • When it receives a kick – This is often awarded at the beginning of each half . It is also awarded when the offensive team scores.
  • Turnover – A turnover is described in two main ways: when an opponent manages to intercept a ball or when an offensive player fumbles or losses possession and the opponent recovers the ball
  • Safety – When an offensive player is tackled in the endzone, the other team gains possession by receiving a free kick.
  • Punt – This results when the defensive team manages to stop the offensive side from gaining ground, at least 10 yards, in three downs. The attacking team has to kick or punt the ball to the other team.
  • Turnover: Also known as a down, this happens when the offensive team fails to advance for at least 10 yards in four chances (downs), and it has to give the ball to the defending team.

What it Takes To Win

The main objective of playing football is to move the ball towards the opponent’s goal line and score. A team might also earn extra points through a 2-point conversion, field goals, safety, and an extra point.