The transfer periods in Europe are always very exciting, which is where the blockbuster contracts are detonated, the big teams often pour a lot of money into Techmart to strengthen the squad power, even is breaking their own opponents, not letting them strengthen.

Here are 5 clubs that have the most financial deficits in the last 10 years (counting from the 2008/09 season to now) due to players’ purchases.

5. Chelsea


Chelsea has long been known for being a football team on the transfer market, they do not regret the money to bring about quality contracts and achievements until the Blues won many noble titles in the last 10 years. Chelsea suffered a fiscal deficit of 553.9 million euros over the past 10 years because of players purchases.

4. Barcelona

Barcelona v Real Betis - La Liga

In recent years, when the La Masia furnace could not produce talented players like the generation of Sergio Busquets or Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta, … Barcelona started to work hard on Techmart, the giant of the country. Catalan spent 105 million euros for Dembele, 145 million euros for Philippe Coutinho. The report shows that Barca has a fiscal deficit of 579.5 million euros in the past 10 years.

3. Manchester United

Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League

After Sir Alex Ferguson retired, Man United entered a difficult time with a lot of turmoil. Manchester’s Red Cross sought out cult contracts to help revive the team. They broke the Premier League transfer record with a £59.7 million contract with Angel Di Maria, but the deal was a huge failure. Man United’s financial deficit in the last 10 years was 699.6 million euros.

2. Paris Saint-Germain


Paris Saint-Germain is one of the “money-burning” clubs on Techmart, they shop and refurbish almost the whole team after each season. Typical must be the contract with Neymar (222 million euros) or Kylian Mbappe (198 million euros). The innocent shopping made this club a financial deficit of 812 million euros in the past 10 years.

1. Manchester City

Manchester City v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Premier League

Leading this list is the unfamiliar name, Manchester City with mass bombing in the past 10 years, bringing the club from a mid-level team to English football giants. Man City is currently under UEFA investigation of the Financial Justice Act (spending more than revenue), facing a ban on competition in the Champions League.

Statistics show that Man City has a fiscal deficit of 1 billion 203 million euros in the past 10 years because of its expensive contracts.