Controversy when fans wearing masks to watch the Premier League

A picture is considered very strange, but true to the situation of disease caused by Coronavirus in many parts of the world when many fans protect themselves and their neighbors bring masks to the yard to see the Premier League match. However, this made many other fans mocked.

The image of two men wearing a Bournemouth club outfit and a mask with the club’s logo appeared on the Vitality field late on February 1 in the match against Aston Villa (Bournemouth won 2-1 and climbed into position) 16th), went viral on social media.

In the UK, the Coronavirus has appeared in two people identified as infected in the York area. Therefore, there were warnings that this disease would affect English football matches. However, the image of fans wearing masks as the two men of Bournemouth Club is still considered very strange, and annoying for others.

Many people thought that this was not enough to cause confusion, so they tweeted on Twitter: “Bournemouth fans want to isolate themselves from the rest. Perhaps, they will be relegated alone. ” Or like: “Mr. Eddie Howe, the coach of Bournemouth, is fighting with his team to avoid relegation, but the other fight is more dangerous against Coronavirus“.

These ridicule led the Bournemouth club to say that the two men wearing the masks were not employees of the team, but only loyal fans to buy season tickets, and the club has not forced fans to wear the face mask.

Meanwhile, in the match between Manchester United (M.U) club and Wolverhampton 0-0 at Old Trafford, many Asian fans were seen wearing masks when watching the game.

However, some other opinions that safety is above all else, between the disease are not under control and the risk of further outbreaks. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also declared a “global emergency”.