UEFA plans to end the 2019/20 season

The European Football Federation (UEFA) is planning to ease the pressure on football clubs. Due to the impact of the epidemic, The UEFA had to postpone the Euro 2020 finals to 2021. This decision made The UEFA lose about 300 million euros.
Meanwhile, the 2019/20 season of the national championships in Europe is also in danger of being canceled. If that happens, UEFA clubs could lose billions of euros in TV royalties.
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The Times reported that UEFA has planned to extend the 2019/20 season to August 8. The 2020/21 season will be extended and shortened.
UEFA officials, tournaments and clubs are looking to finish the current season. Instead they cancel and consider the current rankings as the final rankings to give the championship. They fear that the broadcasters will claim the terms of the agreed contract.

The UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin suggested the possibility of “ending this season at the beginning of next season”. However, it is not clear whether this is feasible or not.

The Premier League has been postponed at least until April 30. Meanwhile La Liga, Serie A is delayed indefinitely. Because Spain and Italy are the two countries of Europe that are most affected by the epidemic.

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European clubs are showing signs of financial losses. The most obvious example is Arsenal with 24 percent of the annual income from match revenue.

The entire Juventus squad agreed to a 4-month pay cut. Particularly Cristiano Ronaldo will lose no less than 4 million euros. Meanwhile, Barcelona is one of the first clubs to ask players to reduce their salaries by 70 percent.

However, Lionel Messi and his teammates still do not agree with the proposal from the management of the Nou Camp. In the context of sports freezing, the Real Madrid home page sent a message urging fans to unanimously support the indoor campaign.