James Rodriguez and the classic “number 10” paradox in football

In fact, there are still many playing-quality factors like the classic 10s. Only thing, modern football tactics do not allow them to recreate the image of the old days.

James Rodriguez is reborn at Everton as the right striker. But often sticking to the middle of the match like a traditional number 10, who understands more than anyone else’s extinction of the number 10.

Another 10 that has fallen into disarray as James said, is Juan Mata, Ferdinand’s teammate at Man United years ago. In the past, there were many classic 10s playing behind 1-2 strikers, commanding the whole team.

With nowadays diverse soccer tactical system, the number 10 no longer exists, but here it is. “Still a position I like. Players in this position need a natural talent, the ability to change the game with just a pass that no one else can see.”

Mata emphasizes the Juan Valeron and Juan Roman Riquelme instances as models that do not exist anymore today. However, this statement is problematic, because 10-20 years ago, people used to say the same things.

In the 2000s, Pablo Aimar and Riquelme lamented that there was no land to live in European football. However, EURO 2000 soon rejected these claims made by Platini, with a series of classic examples of 10 in football.

Zidane had struggled in Italy and Spain. Bergkamp shone at Arsenal, but completely failed at Inter. Rui Costa was in decline for most of his time in Milan, Totti was stable in Serie A, but poorly kicked in European cups.

We all remember Zidane’s magic manipulations, because we watch them over and over on social media. Juventus often plays with three midfielders, Didier Deschamps, Antonio Conte and Edgar Davids to assist Zidane in working above.