Failing at pen kicking, Abraham was ridiculed for speaking 5 years ago

Abraham’s failed shot not only caused Chelsea to lose the European Super Cup, but his statement five years ago was ransacked and made fun of.

Right after the match ended, Liverpool fans opened a total offensive campaign on the twitter page of young Chelsea striker. Numbered in 2014, Tammy Abraham wrote an ironic twitter of Steven Gerrard’s skid “Sorry Liverpool… So close but so far”. The Liverpool fans didn’t need a long response, they just answered Abraham’s tweet with what he wrote.


Round 36 of the Premier League in 2013/2014, Liverpool received Chelsea at home. Soon after, Liverpool’s direct competitor Man City will meet Crystal Palace on away field. Before this key round, Liverpool had 80 points after 35 rounds, leading the rankings. Man City have 74 points after 34 matches, 6 points behind Liverpool but less than 1 match. During that period, Brendan Rodgers’ side was rated as the No. 1 candidate for the championship.

Liverpool that day entered the game well. But they could not open the score before a Chelsea using bus construction tactics. The tragedy only hit the third minute of injury time in the first half, the score was still 0-0, Sakho passed the ball to Gerrard in the middle of the field. It was a sliver ball, the ball went slowly, and at close range, there was no Chelsea player approaching Gerrard. He controlled the error and missed the ball. Gerrard immediately chased after him. But the disaster came in succession, the number 8 slipped. Gerrard, who was out of control, then slipped away from the speed race with Demba Ba, the opponent’s reserve striker.


Demba Ba ran all the way to the penalty area of ​​Liverpool, the Liverpool defenders were too surprised to be able to stop them. Liverpool had to concede a goal. Willian then scored 2-0 for Chelsea. Since then Merseyside half-red down the spirit and lost points in the final round, pity look at Manchester City crowned champion.

At that time many people scoffed at Liverpool’s defeat as well as Gerrard’s historic slip, among them the student of the Chelsea training facility called Tammy Abraham. He wrote jokes about that slip. Ironically, Liverpool fans have a good memory, they did not miss the opportunity to retaliate when last night Abraham was the only one on the Chelsea side who failed in the penalty shootout and lost to Liverpool himself.


But maybe Abraham doesn’t need to be too sad. He was young, 21 years old, and this was his first continental match. Lampard also had words of encouragement with his student. Since the beginning of the season, Abraham has always been ranked the main stone showing the great belief of the young coach to him.