Chelsea in trouble because of Hakim Ziyech

The Telegraph describes the darkness that seems to be covering Hakim Ziyech’s future at Chelsea, following a recent decision from FIFA.
The Stamford Bridge team successfully persuaded Ajax to sell Hakim Ziyech to themselves for more than $ 45 million.

The Moroccan midfielder will switch to play for Chelsea, according to the agreement signed between the two clubs. FIFA announced the adjustment of issues related to the summer transfer market in 2020. That is taken before the complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Chuyen nhuong Chelsea anh 1

This organization allows players who are out of contract to continue playing at the host team until the league season in that country closes. The opening time of the 2020 summer transfer market will fall from the end of the old season to the start of the new season.

If the parties follow FIFA’s recommendations, Ziyech can only join Chelsea after the season of the Dutch and Premier League season ends. However, things will get more complicated if the end times of these two tournaments are different.

When the Eredivisie and the Premier League return depends on the epidemic situation in the Netherlands and England. While the Premier League wants to complete this season, Eredivisie faces an uncertain future.

If the Netherlands will follow the example of Belgium canceling the 2019/20 season in the future, Ziyech could theoretically join Chelsea as expected. However, he will not be able to play for coach Frank Lampard in the Premier League this season.

Hakim Ziyech sẵn sàng cho cuộc sống tại Stamford Bridge

Meanwhile, “The Blues” will need to negotiate with Ajax because the Dutch club will never want to pay Ziyech when their season is over. Ajax can put Ziyech in a state of unemployment and not receive any income for several months.

In a difficult economic context, it is not excluded that Ajax must make decisions to optimize financial benefits. In Abdelhak Nouri’s case, a young talent went into a coma after a stroke three years ago, for example.